Japi Honoo

tumblr_maoa88wYsJ1qbl3hto1_500Today I’d like to talk about a new paint artist Japi Honoo.

Japi Honoo is a subterranean, rushing stream, invisible to the eyes of those who dont’ dare put their ears to the ground to feel its vibrations. She gushes from darkness, merging crystal clear and muddy waters. She’s pure creative energy pulsing in the veins of existence and flowing through ocean of intense feelings she is plunged in. Sometimes her underground power bursts out all of a sudden and breaks the deceptive surface of ordinary everyday life.
In the twilight of Japi Honoo’s inner self are hidden different universes made of perceptions, sensations and visions. The anamorphic lenses of her eyes conjure up anthropomorphic objects, symbolic realities full of sensuality, surreal characters and landscapes balanced on the edge between nightmares and bliss. All these elements combine in her soul to come out and take the shape of digital art. No rules, no rationality, no prototypes: simply real, self-sufficient one-offs.
Japi Honoo is a mother, and the daughter of two countries: born on the hills of Central Italy, she now lives near charming Venice but her relationship with Japanese culture and aesthetic (the inspiration behind her nom the plume) is outstandingly strong, intimate and genuine. This says a bit about her dualism/antagonism/symbiosis towards materiality and spirituality.
She discovers photomanipulation, her personal way of expression, in 2002, while experimenting with photography and digital editing tools. Starting from this sort of creative epiphany Japi Honoo’s works have travelled through the world if visual arts and re-interpreted the classics of surrealism by replacing the paintbrush with the mouse.
Her timeless, spaceless visions are moving, touching, sometimes disturbing, even frightening at times. They have the power to bring up from the observer’s unconscious depths a series of images that are real archetypes, which can be personally interpreted by each one of us. A place where you can finally find yourself. Or get lost.
Birth and death, grief and joy, earth and sky, flesh and spirit, passion and frustration, tears and smiles, dreams and waking, ordinariness and oddness, dark and light… In Japi Honoo’s photomanipulations eternal dualisms follow one another, restless souls dwell in her mind and stir her imaginative depths, leaving the surface untouched and kissed by the sun.
My creative tools are Equipment & Tools: (Photo) Canon G9. (draw) ILLUSTRATOR CS2, PSCS4, and my visions are from a Higher Source.

I’m available for freelance and commission work, contact me. In addition, comments can be very inspirational to my vision


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