Iversity. Free Open Courses, Multi-discipline, #Mooc #Art #Design

Buongiorno oggi CreativeArt ha deciso di parlarvi di una grande opportunita’.

Il suo nome e’ Iversity!

Bene cos’e’ Iversity, e’ una universita’ gratuita online con i piu’ grandi professori del mondo che spiegano i corsi e danno lezioni gratuite! Gratis! Avete capito bene!

Sapere gratuito multidisciplinare!

#Art #Design #Architecture #Storytelling

Ecco come si definiscono:

”Iversity is Europe’s leading platform for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)! We offer free online courses with the best university professors from around the world.MOOC is an acronym that stands for “Massive Open Online Course”. A MOOC is a university course offered online and available for free to everyone who has access to the internet. MOOCs are more than filmed lectures: They make learning on a global scale an interactive experience. MOOCs involve course units presented with up-to-date e-learning pedagogy, interactive modules, peer-to-peer grading and student assessments”

Education Free Online!


Io mi sono iscritta a

The Future of Storytelling

Meglio di cosi’ non si puo’!!!

Buonmercoledi’ da Lulu e da CreativeArt!


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