Bed Ideas Lamp. Apicula

Stamattina voglio parlatvi di Bed Ideas Lamp!


Se durante la notte siete soggetti ad idee da non perdere non potete perdervi Bed Ideas Lamp.

Cos’e’ Bed Ideas Lamp.

Una struttura di legno multistrato di faggio con una iconica sagoma a forma di lampadina a bulbo con illuminazione a led.


More ideas? e’ fantastica!


Today I would like to introduce Bed Ideas Lamp!

Are you usually doing ideas when you’re sleeping? Ok don’t miss Bed Ideas Lamp.

The Bed Ideas is a lamp for out-of-hours dreamers, is the remedy for creative insomnia. It is ideal object for those brief but critical moments before entering a deep sleep, when the the brightest ideas arise to our head. If this happens just turn on the lamp, remove it from the holder, write the idea in a post-it and put it back.

The Bed Ideas is built in white beech plywood. The fabric strip is burel and the lighting is made with LED’s. It is designed so that it is easily disassembled if required repair or replacement of the LEDs, prolonging the life of the product.






Propose your project!

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